20 People Who Messed Up By Buying Prom Dresses Online

When it comes to prom season, every girl can’t help but spend her time searching the web to find that all important perfect dress.

But you might want to rethink buying your prom dress online.

Here are 20 examples of girls who brought their dresses online and completely regretted it.

1- That top material is deceiving.

2- Where did those sleeves come from?

3- Nice try…

4- A perfect fit.

5- When you think you brought a ball gown…

6- That doesn’t look like the figure hugging white dress I asked for…

7- Poor effort.

8- Oh dear…

9- You were almost there…

10-Well, I can see the resemblance.

11- It could have been worse.

12- Good try.

13- Not sure what this one is supposed to be…

14- Is that the same dress?

15- Well, at least they tried.

16- When you thought you ordered a cream dress but it turned out to be purple.

17- What on earth is going on here?

18- Her face says it all.

19- They must have confused the order…

20- Oh dear.

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