12 Disturbing Pictures That You Can’t Unsee

Eyes, brace yourselves. It’s unlikely that you’ve ever seen anything worse than these pictures… and you’re going to continue to see them, every single time you close your eyes.


1. At Taco Bell, loyal customers get back some of their money… and a screw.

emgn weird pic 1fanpage

2. There is nothing better than a firm handshake… which way around, though?

emgn weird pic 2buzzfed

3. Someone get an exorcist! Fast!

emgn weird pic 3sinaimg

4. It is getting increasingly hard for kids to feel individual and unique.

emgn weird pic 4webfail

5. The paper towel on the floor indicates that the vet did expect some vomiting – but not nightmarish projectile vomiting.

emgn weird pic 5imgur

6. Don’t worry, your date won’t even notice. You look gorgeous.

emgn weird pic 6imgur

7. Neptune’s daughter.

emgn weird pic 7imgur<

8. Just a tiger with a Frisbee checking out the local shop.

emgn weird pic 9buzzfed

9. We don’t want to be prude, but…

emgn weird pic 10tumblr

10. This big cat with side fangs is either the next step on the evolutionary ladder or has gone through a lot of pain.

emgn weird pic 11imgur

11. That’s why those dildo weddings get a bad rep.

emgn weird pic 12chzbgr

12. Devil loaf is out to get you.

emgn weird pic 13imgur

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