‘Then And Now’ Pictures That Show Some People Never Grow Up

No matter how much we grow up, some things will probably stay the same for the rest of our lives. Whether it’s the way we get up in the morning or how we start a phone call, many of us don’t like changing and growing up. The mere mentioning of the phrase ‘grow up’ makes our faces frown and we realize that is probably what we fear the most. They say you fear what you don’t know, so maybe these people don’t know how to grow up. And good for them! Here is a collection of pictures proving that some of us will hardly reach adulthood and become mature. The following pictures are from the past, but adults recreated them in today’s view.

1. Remember that sweet habit of eating your feet?


2. Drinking in the tub never gets old.

3. When your biggest achievement was reaching the top of the fridge and staying there.

Now you may be a little big for that, but nevermind.

4. We all have that one friend who does this, still.

5. Wearing funky outfits and taking pictures of yourself.

You basically do it on a daily basis even today.

6. When your parents made jokes behind the camera so that you end up smiling on the picture.

Now you’re just dreaming of reaching that smile. This guy nailed it, though.

7. Posing for a picture with friends. Everything stayed the same.

8. They maintained their child spirit.

9. Not real fans of smiling in their pictures, really. Even today.

10. Hilarious brothers.

11. They never grew up.

12. Seven years later.

13. Aging in a hilarious way.

14. Reaching your beverage.

15. Sneaking in the kitchen.

16. Where falling asleep is the easiest.

17. Same place, same people.

18. What love looks like many years later.

19. The embrace is still warm.

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